Tuesday, 4 August 2009

No-poo 2: The Update

Well, it’s going pretty well so far. I haven’t used shampoo for about 3 weeks and I have no plans to start. I still don’t have tresses from heaven, but neither are they from hell. Sort of somewhere in between.

If you remember, my hair was kinda greasy about a week in, especially in the back for some reason, and it felt like it does when you don’t wash your conditioner out properly. I had a breakthrough when I did some more research and discovered this blog post. It tells you exactly what to do if your hair feels greasy/dry/stuck out like a mane.

All I had to do to stop that greasy feeling was to rinse with lemon juice rather than cider vinegar and it feels a lot better – not perfect, but better.

Now I just have to try rosemary to counteract the lightening effect of the lemon juice… Tell you something though, I’d swear my hair is growing faster!



  1. I can't wait to hear how this turns out for you. I'm always greasy the next day after shampoing and I would love to wash it "less".

    What have you read about sweating and working out and having to wash?

  2. hi, beccy! found your blog today via craftster.

    i went no-poo around 16 months ago and can't imagine ever going back. i didn't have a transition period (i live a charmed life) and even did it while on vacation.

    my hair is to my mid-back or so and very straight. before no-poo, i really needed to wash my hair every day. greasy and stringy. now, i only need to clean my hair every 2-3 days. i do use the ACV rinse. i'm older and my hair is starting to lose it's luster. maybe i'll try lemon juice. what is the dilution ratio?

    i got my initial info from the website you cited. if only there was a way to quantify how much $$$ i've saved. i sure would be curious to know!


  3. Hi guys!

    I just use plain water as a rinse if my hair gets sweaty during the day, but then I don't do much working out!

    I'm still having to wash my hair everyday, but I feel more virtuous about it now. I'm using around a teaspoon of lemon in a cup of water as a rinse, massaging it in and leaving it for a few minutes then washing it out with loads of water. But, I only have chin length hair so you might need to use more?

    It still feels a bit greasy, like I haven't rinsed enough (even though I definitely have)so maybe I need to juggle some ratios, and I haven't tried the rosemary yet :)

  4. Hi, Beccy!

    I've got a couple of shampoo-free tutorials over at my blog, Sustainable Suppers. Keep at it: I promise you that your hair will never look better! And you'll save boatloads of money making your own hair teas...