Sunday, 26 July 2009


I’ve always had unmanagable hair. It’s limp, fine, never holds curls and it’s greasy. Grr. I have tried every product known to woman – thickening shampoos, sprays, lotions, leave in things, wash out things – nothing worked.

Over time, my hair has become greasier and greasier, to the point where I’ve had to wash it every day. A Google search, in a desperate attempt to find an answer, came up with this – the no-poo method, and a further search found approximately a million other sites devoted to the same thing. Apparently it’s the shampoo itself that is giving me greasy locks. Bah, those pesky multi-national companies sullying even the simple hair-washing experience!

The no-poo method involves shunning shampoo entirely in favour of bicarbonate of soda, a spot of cider vinegar, maybe some honey, tea-tree, lavender oil – depending on how your hair reacts. Eventually you should rarely have to wash your hair at all (if ever) and, better still, it should be the envy of everyone it meets. Sceptical? Well I’m a sucker for things like this, so I’m trying it.

It appeals to me because I’m a bit of an earth mother. I like making, growing, stitching, hammering - in short, doing things for myself rather than relying on a multi-national company to do things for me. I already make my own soap, wash my face with olive oil, so why not this?

I’m about 5 days in, and I have still had to ‘wash’ my hair every day. The first couple of days were fine, my hair was soft and didn’t feel much different to using shampoo (I’m not using conditioner either, so I was quite impressed) but the last couple of days have produced less-than-glamorous tresses. My hair is a bit greasy, but as far as I have read that is normal – my hair is ‘adjusting’.

Well, I’ll reserve judgement. I’m on holiday from work until mid August so the method has a few weeks to prove itself.

Until then, I can always wear a headscarf…



  1. Hello, My name is Leah and I'm a professional blog surfer and their was a link to you blog showing your incredibly cute skirt you make (which I'm planning on making this week- so thank you) but your no-poo post cracked me up and I'm tempted to give it a try. My hair has gotten greaser and greaser and who has time to shower, wash and actually do their hair everyday, well not me. So keep us posted on the hair project. Thanks

  2. Hi Beccy! I have been poo-free (har har) for over six months! I love it so much, right now I'm washing my hair only every 4-5 days and it looks great. Check out my method at my blog: