Thursday, 30 July 2009

Some thrifty finds (and a glimpse of York)


Impressive huh? This is York Minster, and it’s built to mammoth proportions - it’s hilarious watching tourists walking backwards (and back and back and still further back….) trying to get it all in a photo. In fact, when I was younger I worked in a tea room behind the Minster, and tourists used to come in to ask where it was! We used to walk them out the door and point at the big church. Ok so I’m mean, but you can see this thing wherever you are in York. Maybe they read too many descriptions like this and expected something bigger :)

Anyway, the point I was getting to is the Minster costs a lot of money to keep it going (they’ve been building it for 400 years and counting) so they decided to hold a rummage sale!

I must clarify that they weren’t selling off bits of the Minster - though our Archbishop wears really funky vestments, and I would wrestle an old lady for some of them…


…see what I mean?

I keep getting sidetracked. Get to the point girl!


So, it doesn’t look very busy, but that’s because half of York is in the tents. There was a tent for clothing, one for glass and ceramics, another for electrical goods, plants and pictures (because they go together like a horse and carriage) and a final tent for Misc. We saved that one til last :)

The clothing was a strange mixture of everyday and really, really good (and expensive) stuff. I got a couple of vintage tops for £1.50 each though…

IMG_6317 Untitled-1IMG_6318 IMG_63182

  and this cute little thing for 30p…


I had also grabbed a couple of old (but good) pillow cases at the Sally Army on the way there…


I’m going to make them into tops when I get a minute.

Then we went into the mysterious Misc. tent. It was chock full of books at the front, but at the back there were sacks of fabric and loads of household stuff. I had £5 on me and I can’t afford to go mad on fabric, especially since my stash is so huge – I need to make things before I buy any, one in – one out style, so whatever I bought had to be worth it.

Then we saw these and nearly screamed:


They were tucked away at the back but attracting attention, and there were four - lovely colour, nicely battered – the asking price was £10 each and they were perfect for the workshop. We had to have them but we only had £5 with us and certainly couldn’t pay £40, what to do? We asked one of the volunteers if he would take an offer for the four. He said he would and asked us how much. Mum said £20, thinking we’d probably end up paying £35 and you know what? He accepted, just like that. Woohoo! She practically ran to the bank while I stood around in a proprietary fashion giving warning looks to anyone who came near.

So, a good day was had by all. I’m going back tomorrow :)


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