Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Slate chalkboard


Old roof slates, brilliant things! They come pre-drilled, sometimes pre-broken into interesting and attractive shapes and you can write on them a la a Victorian schoolchild. 

For some reason we have stacks of these (probably the same reason we have boxes of rusty metal and shoe lasts – AKA Interesting Things) so I grabbed the most attractive one, brushed off the dead spiders, knotted twine through the holes and hung it on a handy nail. Now I can write messages to myself in a more attractive way than using, say, a whiteboard *shudder*.


P.s. I have nothing against whiteboards per se. I know there are probably thousands of attractive, useful, well made whiteboards in the world, but I’m a teacher. Enough said.

1 comment:

  1. Nifty! I love the slate tile! But where oh where to find slate roofing tiles in north central Texas? We have too many hailstorms to justify the expense of insuring a slate roof, so my house has fake slate tiles, made from recycled asphalt, fiberglass and some other mystery material that makes them hail proof.

    I too, despise white boards. They get so grungy looking, and the smell of those markers...ugh!