Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Another Christmas present…

I made this laptop bag for my best friend for Christmas – I didn’t do a proper tutorial though, partly because there are a million tutorials for messenger bags on the net, and partly because I made it at night and the photos would have been rubbish.

elles bag 4elles bag 3

I used a large scrap of thick, brown, woven wool, some pale blue spotted cotton and a large doily. The only difference between this and a normal messenger bag is that I quilted the inside.

elles bag 2

If you want to quilt the inside of a bag, you need to quilt your fabric before you do any other sewing. I cut all the pattern pieces, basing the size on my own laptop (2 large rectangles, one for the outer and one for the lining, 3 inches wider than your laptop for the width, and 3 times the height of your laptop plus 3 inches for the length) I used a piece of batting slightly smaller than the main pattern pieces so it wouldn’t interfere with the seams.

elles bag 1

After I had sewn the whole thing up and added a strap, I patiently sewed on a crochet doily because it looked a bit boring without, and I’m an avid hoarder collector of doilies, tray cloths and the like :)



  1. Oh that is SO precious! I love the contrast of the sturdy wool and the dainty doily. Darling!

  2. so beautiful!you made it yourself?