Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy halloween!


We’ve been so busy (and jetlagged) since we got back from New York that I’ve only got our little pumpkins to show you.

I’ll be back with more stuff tomorrow!


Sunday, 16 October 2011

A little embroidery….

can transform a boring skirt into something a bit special.


Take one 70’s stretchy skirt…


…add an old embroidery transfer…


…and play around with stitches you got from an old embroidery book.


It looks better on me than on the mannequin, but I never take photos of me if I can possibly help it! The stretchy synthetic fabric was the devil to embroider neatly and I should have used some stabilizing fabric to stop it puckering, but overall I think it’s pretty cute.

It is the same skirt as this one, just in a different colour….

…wait a minute! Unless my tagging system is rubbish (and to be honest it is a bit) I haven’t blogged the other skirt.

I just got an idea for another post :)


Sunday, 9 October 2011

It’s a wonderful town…


Did I tell you I have an exhibition in New York? Ok, it’s not my exhibition, but there is a piece of my work in it. It’s ‘Night Scented Stock’ at Marianne Boesky on E64th street – check out that artist list! I’m in awe. It runs until the 22nd of this month if you’d like to see it.

I’m an extra bit excited because we’re going to New York just to see the exhibition – is that crazy? Is it normal to travel 3400 miles to see something you already own?

I feel pretty ok about spending all that money though because we haven’t had a holiday since 2006 and if you average it out it’s not so bad. We’re going to be there for a few days, so what I want to ask you lovely, thrifty people is: Where are the best thrift shops in New York? If there happen to be any near some major landmarks that would be handy because we only have four days and my Rough Guide already has more bookmarks than I have time! It’s going to take some careful planning.

So, let me know where to go, and I’ll report back on my findings!


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Shiny new (thrifted) things…

I haven’t had much time for thrifting lately, even less for photographing the things I’ve found. Also, I’ve reached a stage where I don’t need anything. Anyone else get like that? I have a mountain of clothes which I really need to go through again and donate back. I also have so many Interesting Things I’m having to put up new shelves to house them all!

Anyway, here are a few bits I couldn’t pass up over the summer.


I found the three at the front for less that £5 in a charity shop. The big yellow plate at the back is an old charity find. The gravy boat and pudding bowl are a part of this set that I already have two pieces from:


It’s awesome! I also have a thing for jugs, so I got these three from charity shops too.


The one above on the right was 30p and has been handpainted by someone at home. It’s so cute.


I also got this dress. Now, I know there has been a craze for owls (search owl on etsy and you’ll see) so I have been avoiding them like the plague. I couldn’t not buy this dress though, I mean look at it – pintucks! wooly! What’s not to love, gotta forgive those cute owls. Great for autumn and winter with a long sleeved tee and jeans underneath.