Monday, 21 March 2011

Is this dress awesome?

Because I’m not too sure – it’s either fantastic or awful! What I do know is it only cost 30p at a jumble sale which is cheap for dusters.


What do you guys think? If a swapped those buttons would it be ok? Shorten the hem or sleeves? Or both? It’s 70’s double knit poly and it’s almost like it’s bias cut because it’s quite fitted until I raise my arms and get a batwing effect. Crazy dress! Anyway, I’m in two minds and my mum hates it – what do you think?


Monday, 14 March 2011

I found a spot of time for some sewing…

I saw a girl the other day wearing the most beautiful jacket – it was navy with white piping, with big white double-breasted buttons. It was fitted and lovely.
I pointed her out to my friend, and realised that I had that jacket, or at least I could have it if I took in the shapeless 60’s ‘land ahoy!’ jacket below…
It was a bit of a faff, because I had to remove the lining, add multiple darts, reset the sleeves and then hand sew the lining back in, but I think it came out ok and is much more wearable now. I may never look like that lovely girl, but at least I now have a similar jacket!