Monday, 14 March 2011

I found a spot of time for some sewing…

I saw a girl the other day wearing the most beautiful jacket – it was navy with white piping, with big white double-breasted buttons. It was fitted and lovely.
I pointed her out to my friend, and realised that I had that jacket, or at least I could have it if I took in the shapeless 60’s ‘land ahoy!’ jacket below…
It was a bit of a faff, because I had to remove the lining, add multiple darts, reset the sleeves and then hand sew the lining back in, but I think it came out ok and is much more wearable now. I may never look like that lovely girl, but at least I now have a similar jacket!


  1. Wow it's like a stewardess outfit isn't it? Well anyway its nice.

  2. Beccy this is amazing! Have you seen new refashion collaborative blog Refashion Co-op? We would love to see your refashions there if you would like to join up?