Monday, 21 March 2011

Is this dress awesome?

Because I’m not too sure – it’s either fantastic or awful! What I do know is it only cost 30p at a jumble sale which is cheap for dusters.


What do you guys think? If a swapped those buttons would it be ok? Shorten the hem or sleeves? Or both? It’s 70’s double knit poly and it’s almost like it’s bias cut because it’s quite fitted until I raise my arms and get a batwing effect. Crazy dress! Anyway, I’m in two minds and my mum hates it – what do you think?



  1. Love it! Definitely awesome, but it could use a little love

  2. I kinda like it. You could "break it in" by wearing with a cardigan until you get more comfortable.

  3. As separates it works for me: Cut it in half and make a skirt. For the jacket rip off the collar, shorten the sleeves and pair it with a solid color skirt.
    Otherwise I'm with Mum!
    Found you on Blogher -- Does Blogher work for you?

  4. aweful! it could be awesome as a romper for the summer/spring though.

  5. What about a very thick belt to bring it in in the middle? Does the top look ok when it is on?? If you cut the sleeves off mid-arm would the material then sit looser? I am not a fan of very close fitting arms on me!