Monday, 11 October 2010

Thrifted sundress to skirt…

Sorry for the poor before photos, I took them late last night when I decided to start this project!
I got this dress from a jumble sale on Wednesday, it was 20p (!) in fact everything was 20 or 30p but by the time we got there (approx 15-20 minutes after the doors opened) it was a scrum with ladies elbowing each other out of the way for the chance of a bargain. I got a few things, but I saw some beautiful fabric disappearing into people’s carrier bags *sigh*…
Anyway, I like the fabric but the dress is totally not me – it also felt a bit maternity with that not-quite empire line and huge belly-framing bow in the front.
So I decided to take the top off and make a skirt out of it.
The back was shirred so I decided to rip the stitches along that not-quite empire line and cut across the middle of the shirring, making that the waist so I wouldn’t lose the casing for the bow/belt and could use the elastic instead of a zip.
You probably can’t see but there are gold holographic sequins on that top, *shudder*
I sewed bright pink bias binding around the top to stabilise it and added a casing to the top of the shirring to hold a wider piece of elastic. I also pulled the shirring tighter by pulling the elastic and tying a knot in it.
I took about 8 inches off the hem, re-hemmed then rethreaded the belt. All in all, it was about an hour’s work and now I have something I’ll actually wear!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Some thrifted goodies…

First some fabric. I can’t walk by a fabricy bargain! There is loads of this first one, more than enough for a twirly dress and honestly, it’s much nicer in real life – it looks quite 40’s :)


This next fabric is actually a pair of cotton curtains, I love the slightly offset printing of the yellow.


I have a special soft-spot for Sanderson type fabrics. This is only a little piece but it’s more than enough for a bag.


I love old craft books, I’ve got lots of them but there’s always room on my overcrowded shelves for one more!


Look at the illustrations!


I picked up this little box of thread for £1 at my favourite Sally Army. They are only little spools but the lovely bright colours will be great for accents.


Any idea what this is? It cost £1 and I thought it might be a little loom.


It sort-of is, but (have you guessed yet?)…


It’s for darning! I’ll never use it, but I love interesting old sewing paraphernalia.


So the end of my recent thrifty travels, but I’m off to a jumble sale tomorrow…