Saturday, 19 December 2009

Snow day…

It snowed on Thursday, and then on Friday too. It was hellish getting to and from work (skid, argh, “it’s alright Beccy, the car has stopped”) but it does look pretty!


Two of the chooks have never seen snow before, and didn’t know what to make of it. Tailless Dave was happier on dry ground.


While I’m at it, some pictures of the inside of the old homestead.


Pretty much all the decorations are vintage except for the tinsel and lights, and were picked up in charity shops – I got a load of old glass baubles (that I didn’t really need) last week, 5 for £1.


We like to bring in a lot of greenery at Christmas because the tree is fake and it’s nice to have real things sometimes. We don’t usually light the fire because, frankly, the central heating does a much better job. But around Christmas we always set it, and then light it on Christmas eve (if we can leave it that long).


Sometimes we light it just after Christmas too, and mum chucks all the dead greenery on there, which (for reference) is an excellent way of starting a chimney fire…



  1. Oh Beccy! How beautiful your mantle is!

    The snow is fab as well. I shared the pics with my younger boys, who have only ever seen snow in large quantities in pictures!

  2. Thanks Angela :)

    We don't normally get this much snow, and especially this not early - I think we last had a 'proper' white Christmas about 10 years ago, but here's hoping!