Friday, 4 December 2009

The morning of extreme ice…

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Ok, I know some of you live in really cold places where you are probably no stranger to ice but I live in a valley in the north of England. Ok so it’s a valley so big you can’t see the sides but we usually get rain (we’ve had a lot of that lately) and the cold sort of creeps in until one day it’s frosty every morning and you suddenly notice everyone is wearing a scarf.

This morning the car was a block of ice. Bugger I thought, I was on route to being late for work as it was and the car was frozen inside and out. But when I got a little closer, I realised it wasn’t just any old ice, but that Jack frost had been.

ice 6

Ever since we discovered the skin-drying joys of central heating our house windows hasn’t been visited by Jack Frost but I remember when I was little being mesmerised by the ferny patterns.

ice 4

The windscreen was pretty cool…


… but the best patterns were on the sunroof – it was like looking through the ice on a frozen pond.

ice5 ice 2 ice 3 ice 7 ice 8 ice 10

And one final photo of our local flooding. It was taken from the car, driving over a bridge on the way to work (after 20 minutes of car-thawing) Some of that water is the river Ouse, but most of it isn’t.

Ho hum, tis modern life in the North of England and I was half an hour late for work.



  1. Beautiful Jack Frost photos....I haven't seen feathery frost like that around here....Washington state....West Coast....So glad you shared!


  2. these pictures are amazing. thanks for coming to my blog, saying hello and entering the giveaway. good luck,