Sunday, 27 December 2009

The chronicles of Christmas day

We got up a bright and early (well 9ish, I was up until 2am wrapping presents) and wandered downstairs to see that Santa had been, and that there was still snow on the ground. Yay for the semi-white Christmas!


I’m never too bothered about my own presents, well that isn’t entirely true, but I spend so much time carefully choosing, sewing, knitting (worrying) that I’m too intent on looking at other people’s faces, scanning for a hint of disappointment or a flush of gratitude to even look at my own right at that moment. It’s only later that I have the mental time to have a really good look and appreciate the trouble that my family and friends have gone to.

Here are some highlights:

Ma must have been secretly reading my blog because she bought me one of The Aviarium’s beautiful Garden Bird name rods! Honestly they are wonderful things, beautifully packaged, and mum had my name added too. Thankyou ma!


My best friend bought me the absolutely gorgeous book Sew!, by Kath Kidston – just the eyecandy photos alone would be enough, but it comes with pre-cut fabric to make the bag on the cover and lots of lovely homey projects to sew. I love this book! Thankyou Elle :)


I got some other Kath Kidston goodies too, like a flour shaker and gardening gloves from my friend Tracey. There was alcohol from my uncle (did I ever tell you tequila makes me angry, I mean really angry – it’s my own personal housewife’s ruin) and much needed socks and cash from my gran.

Mum also got me this really amazing box full of vintage sewing supplies and hair goodies – I don’t think I’ll ever use them, they are just too nice in their original packaging! This is going to take more than one photo, so bear with me:


Look at this fantastic ‘weekend needle book’!

IMG_8009 IMG_8011IMG_8010

You see? Far too beautiful to use – but then how many needles did the average lady really need for the weekend?

Oh, and I also received a mountain of lip balm which if you know me, you know is a Good Thing – last week, after going to bed, I realised I had left my single pot of lip balm downstairs and decided to go and get it, in the dark without putting my glasses on. You know your house so well you could walk around it with your eyes closed, right? I mean, that knowledge is our best defence against murdering burglars! Wrong, I kicked a cat, missed the last step and fell heavily on my big toe, which with a loud crack dislocated and sent me into shock, whimpering for my mum. Don’t worry, it righted itself the next day while I was at work and became an amusing anecdote that got me out of having to sit through the principal’s address.

Christmas dinner was probably the best meal I have ever eaten – gran excelled herself, even grandad didn’t say ‘not as good as last year’ like usual. In fact, gran got a dig in herself, when grandad stated that she drives him up the wall, gran calmly answered ‘well, I’ve got to have something to do’. Go grandma.


So, I hope you all got your own personal mountain of lip balm, and had a wonderful day to boot :)