Monday, 20 July 2009

My Etsy relaunch!

Hello everybody, I’m extremely pleased to announce the relaunch of my Etsy shop, complete with new product lines, new banner, new name, new everything really!


My shop is called Magpie, mostly because I’ll pick up anything I consider ‘shiny’; old buttons, scraps of fabric, broken jewellery, old chewing gum with glitter in it (only joking - just checking to see if you’re still reading, but now I feel a bit ill) and I take all these shiny things and try and ‘fix’ them by putting them together in new ways.

You may have seen my tantalising (?) earlier post about the shiny new things I’ve been making for my shop.

Cue lady in spangly swimsuit and feathers in her hair, she’s holding an interesting-looking tray on which there appears to be a cloth… “what’s under that cloth?” I hear you cry.

Well, wonder no more, its…

blue clip 1 red clip



That’s right, my new shop items! And the lovely Elle, my sister-from-another-mother is modelling them!

But wait there’s more, not content with mere felt and embroidery hairclips, oh no, I decided to add some feathers and change the format slightly!

brown button pin wooden button pin on clothes

Phew, I’m so excited. I’ve been beavering away at home for ages, I was beginning to think they’d never see the light of day :)

Let me know what you think!



  1. Lovely!!! Good luck with the relaunch!

  2. Thanks! It's still early days but I have hopes :)