Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Etsy Wednesday goes local: Sarah Westwood


Hello all! This week’s Etsy Wednesday comes winging its way to you from all of thirty miles from my house. Sarah Westwood lives in Whitby, a lovely typically English seaside town, where she produces these amazing wall plaques.

She uses a complicated-sounding method which involves adding beeswax, paper and oils to wooden blocks which produces these strangely translucent images.


Her work has a peculiarly English slant. The above piece, Busy English Garden, is a complex layered piece which creates depth to the image, but isn’t it wonderfully whimsical? It measures 6.5cm by 6.5cm and 2cm deep.


Airing That British Laundry, above, is a great take on the Union flag and part of her truly British line. Each piece is painstakingly hand cut, carved, oiled and layered but they have the look of effortless freehand sketches. This one is a little larger than the others, measuring 14cm by 14cm.


Another in the British line, this piece, It’s a Good Drying Day, is my absolute favourite. OK, I’m not mega patriotic or anything (I don’t even know when the Queen’s birthdays are) but I have a thing for this painting. Maybe it’s the little socks, those circular flowers, that raggedy edge?

All of Sarah’s plaques come ready to hang and in a lovely gift box (if you could bear to part with one of them)


You may have noticed that I’m posting Etsy Wednesday early this week, that is to ensure you get a chance to check out Sarah’s special offer. If you spend $20 before Sunday, you can buy one of her Button Love plaques half price! They measure 6.5cm by 6.5cm and are one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen :)

Go look-see!


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