Saturday, 25 July 2009

Oh! Frabjous day! (and some vintage finds)

Yes that’s right, we finally had some sun (this is supposed to be summer right?)

So I decided to take my beloved family to the regular car-boot sale at York racecourse – lovely day for browsing I thought, and it’s only 15 minutes drive away - unfortunately the racecourse was hosting an actual race. Arse. To stave off disappointment (mostly my own) we had a wander around the local charity shops. There were only two, but hey, there was also an interesting looking hardware shop…


Have you ever seen such an array of brushes? No, me neither. Inside, the shop was stuffed to the gills with, well, stuff, all the way to the ceiling and it sold everything. Including, all the way at the back and hidden in a corner, an old chest of drawers that contained things like this…


and this…


I could have bought the whole thing! And what’s more, those strips of vintage buttons were 30p each. I bought lots, but I’m beginning to wish I got more :)


I got a few gems in the charity shops too. This sugar sifter? flour shaker? huge salt cellar? Dunno, but it has a fantastically kitsch Spanish guitar on one side…


and a cactus on the other…


worth 50p? I think so. I also got some fantastic, and ridiculously cheap fabric…

IMG_6273  IMG_62732

IMG_6274 IMG_62742

I don’t know what I’m going to do with the boats, but that pink tablecloth is going to be a circle skirt, but I’m willing to bet you already guessed that :)

Well, I’m off. If it’s nice tomorrow there’s another car boot sale to go to, and this one isn’t hosted by a racecourse.


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