Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Etsy Wednesday: Freeandbeyond


Welcome to Etsy Wednesday! I’d like to introduce you to Freeandbeyond and her lovely paintings. The one above is called ‘Lovebirds in the Morning’ – Don’t you just love the colours? If you know me, you know I like colour!


This one is called ‘Singing Solo’ – I love the zingy orange and those raw edges. As FreeandBeyond says herself,

  “I am a true Londoner at heart but love living the adventure of travel and therefore spend a lot of time on the move...This means my paintings have to be very small to be able to travel with me. I use intense colours and layer them. Each layer has to dry very quickly, so every morning when I paint, I turn to the sun, let the shadows fall behind me and they set while I illustrate in ink over the paint.

Although I paint quickly, I take ages to let them go. They become little friends that are hard to part with...!


Don’t you want to help her part with them? I do! 

Each painting measures approximately 7cm by 7cm and is truly original and (discreetly) signed.

If you prefer to buy in pounds sterling, you can also find Freeandbeyond’s work at Folksy.

Go see!


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