Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Etsy Wednesday: The Purple Finch



I seem to have a current obsession with subtly different plush toys. The purple finch is another Etsy seller I love who has the most amazing soft toys.


This little chap is Ruby the Snowperson. For a start, I have a love of anything called Ruby (my car is called Ruby) but look at that sleepy, cheeky, little face… look! So cute I’m breaking out in exclamation marks :) This toy is deliberately ambiguous – is it a boy, or is it a girl? You (or your little people) are free to decide. I don’t know about you but I see enough dolls and trucks and other supposedly gender-specific toys to find this idea really refreshing!


This is Kooshan the Bad Kitty, a plush toy based on a real puss-cat. As The Purple Finch says, “Kooshan is inspired by my real living cat, and yes he is really that naughty so I thought that I will put him up for sale. No not the real kooshan just a plush nicer version of him” Pop over to The Purple Finch’s Flickr page to see the real Kooshan (and lots more plushies), soooo cute, and not at all naughty looking (but then I am soft).


And finally, this is Heidi H-Bunny, another adorable cutie!

All The Purple Finch’s plushies are made from super soft polar fleece with embroidered felt faces. Some, like Heidi H-Bunny, have vintage fabric accents too. They are filled with poly fill so they are soft and squidgy and cuddly and huggable.


If you happen to be in Tasmania, you can get your hands on them from a real-life bricks-and-mortar shop too. Cocoon, in Launceston, stocks some of these lovely toys, as well as a few new things not yet seen in the virtual world of Etsy. Lucky Tasmanians I say!

You can become a facebook fan of The Purple Finch here or alternatively visit the Purple Finch blog where you can find out about local stockists, news, and have an insight into the lovely world of The Purple Finch.


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  1. Hi Beccy,
    Thanks for such a lovely write up about my plush toys. I was so excited when you featured my work on your blog.

    Thanks again