Friday, 24 July 2009

Un-seasonal Affective Disorder

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but here it’s just rain, rain, rain :(

I have real trouble getting motivated when the weather is like this. It’s not like I don’t have a ton-and-a-half of things to do, (my My Yahoo ‘to do list’ fills most of the page). I have several bags of clothing to refashion, four under-bed storage bags filled with fabric and two of yarn. My Ravelry favourites is bursting and my bookshelf is groaning with the weight of all my pattern books – so why can’t I start something? Do any of you have the same problem? How do you fix it?

Oh well, maybe tomorrow will be bright, but for now I’ll leave you (and my miserable self) with a picture of a happier place.

st ives 15-22 july 06 055

St Ives *sigh* – surely a photo from a past holiday will cure me?


1 comment:

  1.'s all a matter of perspective. We would positively jump for joy over dreary, rainy days!

    I do, however, understand exactly what you mean. Here in Texas, summertime is simply brutal; July and August mean day after day of sunshine and heat that just saps your strength and drains every drop of creativity and motivation from your brain. It's hard to start new projects, it's too hot to cook, it's too hot to do anything but lie about like a slug! Even at night the temps stay up in the 90's.

    Come on September! Hurry up and get here!