Thursday, 13 August 2009

Thrift shop treasures of the knitting kind

I have a thing for old knitting patterns – not vintage per se, just old. If they’re from the 40’s and 50’s they’re glamorous, the 60’s are playful, the 70’s are nuts and the 80’s are stern. If a charity shop sells knitting patterns, I’m there. I look through them all, every single one, and since they usually cost between 10 and 30p, I buy a lot.

I might never get round to knitting them, but they’re nice to look at! Here are a few I picked up this week.


I mean, look at her. The epitome of glamour, and more airbrushed than any supermodel.


Likewise this lady, tea anyone? Except by the look in her eye it looks like she’s about to sling that tea at Mrs Dean who slighted her choice of curtains.


Sadly Harriet was the most hated girl at boarding school despite her Fashionfleck wardrobe.

And, out of interest, can anyone remember the last time anything new cost 4p?


Off on her hols, so chic, a bon vivant, croissant, pain au chocolate… That chauffeur looks a bit dodgy.


I can only assume Doris Day was big that year.


In the UK comedy Coupling, two of the female characters are talking about a bloke not only being gorgeous, but being knitting pattern gorgeous


I love this one, what on earth are they looking so gormlessly at? And why did they tie a scarf to a tree? I’m gonna knit this, that roll neck is class in knitting form and I’m a sucker for fringe.


I can easily associate with this image – once a year three of my closest friends and I meet in a secret location wearing near identical jumpers to admire the flowers. Ah, happy times.

I love old patterns, I really do.



  1. teehee... I'll send you photos of my collection so you can dialogue those too! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Love the patterns and the comments still chuckling.

    I have loads of old patterns and I am hoping my mum hasn't thrown out all her ones from the 50s

  3. I think that's 4 old pence by the looks of it! And the vintage knittings for Action Men are hilarious..... Cheers, Lynda

  4. Love the patterns and commentary. =) LOL

  5. We have a great thrift shop close by that gives seniors a 25% discount on Wednesdays, so since I am 61 I go on Wednesdays. They have a huge bin of books that are 10 for $1.49. Of course, these are the books that nobody wants, but are the books that I am looking for. You should see some of the stuff I have found. I love old patterns too, and someone from one of my quilt guilds gave me a box of old patterns from the 50's. It is fabulous. My husband says I've become a pack-rat, but I keep it all neat in the new shelves he installed in my craft room. I love this blog. I just found it today thru Fave Crafts, but I will be back.