Saturday, 8 August 2009

A visit to Penny’s workshop…

Right, I should be showing you my workshop, I know. But it isn’t built yet and my current workshop is either my coffee table or the kitchen so it isn’t really worth showing. Instead I’m going to show you my friend Penny De Corte’s workshop.

I did my degree with Penny (although we’ve known each other for about 10 years) and, in the year since we finished – during which time I have been Captain Procrastinate - Penny has established herself as a Ceramic Artist Extraordinaire and set up her business, Touch Art. Mum, Elle and myself decided to drop in for a cup of tea – and to take a few photos :)


On the shelves you can see some of her degree work and on the right is her main working area. She has great views of her garden from her workshop.


She is currently creating these beautiful handbuilt bunnies, but her work also ranges from huge fossil-like dishes to dainty ‘pocket’ angels.


The workshop has nooks and crannies filled with Interesting Things. Above is a collection of handmade stamps…


…and embroidery hoops. I have no idea what she intends to use these for but you can bet your bottom dollar it isn’t embroidery!


The entrance to Penny’s workshop is this sunny wooden conservatory. That blue door on the right is where she houses her kiln.


The outside of Penny’s workshop is as eclectic as the inside…


Penny used to paint these old milk churns for sale, but she remembered to keep one for herself. On the right is her gas-burning Raku kiln.


On the left, an old chimney pot (it’s going to be a water feature when Pen gets 5 free minutes!) and a huge metal wheel. On the right, newly made bunnies drying in the sun.


Test tiles recycled as garden ornaments and rusty metal hoops strung together hanging from a tree.


This is Kai (I know I spelt that wrong, because it’s a part of his pedigree name – sorry Pen, correct me at will!) He’s a big, drooly softy and he follows Pen everywhere.


The garden is full of old ceramics – some were tests, some broke during firing, and some she just can’t bear to part with :)


This is Elle and mum pressed into service – you can’t descend on mass and expect to get away scot free :)


This photo is Pen all over. She has clearly said something wicked, look at that cheeky grin! Mum can’t contain herself :)

Penny is a member of East Riding Artists and lives and works in Pocklington, Yorkshire. She exhibits her work in galleries as well as participating in craft fairs and selling exhibitions. If you’re in the neighbourhood, Penny’s next show is at the Triton Gallery at Sledmere House in Driffield.

You can find contact info for her here.

Go see!



  1. Love the workshop! I still think you live in a fairytale :). haaha

  2. Agree Dana with you! Fantastik workshop