Sunday, 9 August 2009

Thrift shop clothing treasures…

Over the last few days I’ve been out and about in the country, and I just can’t drive past a charity shop without parking up and stopping in. The ones in out-of-the-way places can often have the best stuff!



This sunny summer top was on the sale rail at St Leonards Hospice. Thrifting tip #768 – never pass up the sale rail. The top part is broderie anglais and fully lined, the hem has a row of cute little flowers and the straps are detachable. It cost me £1!


Autumn clothing in preparation and ripe for customisation! I always find it’s best to grab clothes for another season (unless you see something fabby!) because it’s cheaper that way. Not all charity shops stock clothes out of season but the ones that do are usually the best :)


This double-breasted cardy was also on a St Leonards Hospice sale rail and cost £1. Bargain. It’s warm and neutral so it goes with everything. I love the stitches but I’ll be wearing it with the collar down and one of my brooches!


This dress is the best find - it is brand new with tags still attached. It was a bit pricey at nearly £7 (but then I did find it in Oxfam) but it fits really, really well and better still it’s a UK size 12, and I usually wear a size 14-16. You can’t pass up a chance to wear clothing that ought to be too small for you right?


And finally a brand new pair of trainers for £3 from the grottiest charity shop I’ve ever been in. I practically grabbed these, threw the money in the direction of the till and ran.

Later I’ll show you the rest of the stuff I bought, including some vintage knitting patterns I picked up for a song.



  1. Great finds. I can never pass a charity shop either and particularly like having a look round in ones in different towns. Somehow they seem to always have better 'stuff' in charity shops away from home.

  2. I like your slang; "Grottiest". If I start saying that, my friends will look at me like I've gone nuts. Hello from Canada by the way :)

  3. Nice oldschool fashion :) Where can I buy such?