Saturday, 22 August 2009

So kitsch, so cute, so random…

Look at these!


I found them in a charity shop for 50p each. They are diagonal slices of tree painted with kitsch birds (look at the shape of their heads, the size of their eyes!) and they are around 4” high, except the one top right which is larger.

IMG_6639IMG_6638 IMG_6640

They’ve been varnished, except the one above which is my favourite and they all have a hole drilled in the back for hanging. The lady in the shop said they had a huge one, but it had been sold. Darn it! I’d have snapped that one up too.

Bonus points for anyone who can name those birds!

I’ve also been (thoughtfully) buying up anything that is Christmas gift worthy, but I can’t post those here (the recipients might see!). If you think giving thrifted things for Christmas is a cheapo step too far, check out this post on The Thrifty Chicks Blog. Those girls talk sense!

Anyway, happy thrifting :)


P.s. I Promise I’ll have more made things up soon, I seem to have been spending half my life lately in charity shops, and the refashioning pile has become Everest over the last couple of weeks. Better grab my trusty Sherpa and get going….

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  1. So cute. I have one that has two stones painted as owls, mounted on a slice of wood like yours. I'll have to feature it on Thank you for sharing!