Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Etsy Wednesday: Humbleraelord

Hey everyone, Etsy Wednesday is back after a short holiday. Please allow me to introduce you to Humbleraelord from Miami Beach, Florida…


Check out these magnets! They don’t just want to hold things to your fridge, oh no, they want to chat to you too! I love the way they are displayed for the photos, it makes them even more fun! Is it weird to feel a connection with a se of magnets? I don’t think so :)


Each measures approximately 2” by 2” so they aren’t teeny. They are made from fabric, envelopes and phone books and are all the faces are hand-painted.


Doppelganger Girl and Pink fish are blank greetings cards, but they aren’t your everyday printed cards either, they are individual watercolour and ink drawings on 6” by 4” 90lb paper.


They each come with an envelope, but I think I’d much rather frame them and use the envelope for saving seeds – they are much too nice to give away :)

Both cards currently have free shipping too (as if you needed an extra incentive) so pop over to the shop and have a browse along the aisles.

Only 120 days til Christmas…


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