Thursday, 20 August 2009

Some of this week’s thrift shop treasures!









These two old stoneware jars were £2 each. They look ickle in these photos but they are pretty huge. We’re going to use them in the new workshop to hold tools and brushes.


I’ve got a thing for these Mexican type ceramics – remember the sugar shaker thing I got a few weeks ago? This vase isn’t by the same maker, but the pattern is similar. It’s Crown Ducal and says RT on the bottom, the lady in the shop said it stood for Rington’s Teas. It isn’t worth anything, but it’s damn cute!


I bought this Meakin plate for 80p!


And this little bowl and jug were grabbed ten minutes before closing time. They were £1.50 for both, and I can never resist a milk jug!

Honestly, it’s getting to be a collection.


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