Friday, 14 August 2009

Etsy Wed-er-Friday: Poppieseed

Oh my gosh, I’ve had such a hectic week, I totally forgot to write my Etsy Wednesday post!

Never mind everybody, it’s here now and totally worth the wait :)

Kel from Poppieseed creates these wonderfully whimsical images from The House With the Purple Stairs in Oakland, California. Each image is hand painted or collaged and inspired by the people and places she has known throughout her life, and sometimes even her dreams.


This painting Birds On The Wire is one of those, based on a recurring dream where the landscapes become patchwork. I love the vibrant colours and rows of tiny ‘stitching’.


Germany, Oh How I Miss You is a collage on a wood panel. The buildings seem to be almost floating in those blue patterned clouds. Many of Kel’s images are very much like fairytale illustrations, but with with an edge.


Bicycle is one of Kel’s mixed media images. She has used scraps of ribbon to embellish this painting of a pennyfarthing.


The Robotic Arm of Childhood Fun is possibly the most whimsical of Kel’s images. Made from collaged fabric and envelopes, this image is fun but also slightly disturbing.

While the images are fantastic on their own, if you can see them en masse it is worth it. The simplistic illustrative style of her work really leaps out at you. Check out Kel’s website to see images of her latest exhibitions and to find out where you can see her work.

Kel’s also a singer and keyboardist too – like many creative people she doesn’t limit herself to one outlet! If you’d like to hear about her musical work, the evolution of her images and little snippets of her life, visit her blog Journey to the Edge of the Absencescape.

I urge you to give her a visit because I only have space to show you a few of her works and the choice was so hard!


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  1. Thanks so much Beccy! I am proud to have been included with all of these wonderful artists! I hope that the next time we come to England we can meet up for a pint!