Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Thrift shop treasures of the crockery kind

I might make this into a weekly feature, but having said that, some week’s treasures can be few and far between. I am constantly jealous of the things people find, usually in the US. Check out Fresh Vintage, or in fact quite a few of the blogs in my ‘Nice Places to visit’ list. It’s official – America has the best stuff!

Still, I do find a few things over here, some of which I like to call treasures.

This plate cost me 50p – see I left the price on as proof! I have a thing for sunny colours and couldn’t believe the price so I grabbed it and clutched it to my bosom the whole time I was in the shop.


This pyrex pie-dish was £1 and is extremely useful this time of year. I just made a home-grown roasted vegetable quiche in it (recipe coming soon!) but it will be pressed into service the second my apples are ready – to go with the pick-your-own blackberries we gathered a few days ago.

IMG_6411 IMG_6412

And finally, this covered dish (I think it was intended to serve vegetables but instead it is sitting in the kitchen as a receptacle for car keys) was also £1. It is in pristine condition so I might have to find somewhere to display it so it doesn’t get chipped. The same shop had a 50’s Poole teapot at £10, a bargain I know but I also knew it would eventually get broken and I would mourn it too much.


So ends my tiny catalogue of this week’s vintage finds. I had to travel all over the city to find them but I’m glad I did.

Tomorrow, I’ve got some vintage knitting patterns to show you – I might even start knitting one tonight.


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