Saturday, 27 February 2010

My new favourite blog…

…and it doesn’t involve sewing or knitting. Knock-off Wood is an amazing blog dedicated to helping regular people build versions of expensive furniture for low prices. And what’s more, Ana gives us the full plans and step by step projects for every piece of furniture she makes. You can even suggest projects to her by sending an image or link via facebook and she’ll do her best to work it out for you and publish the plans.


Can you believe this was actually made by a normal, everyday person (as opposed to a professional joiner-type)?Michaela from The Gardener’s Eden made this bench/table/kitchen island using Ana’s plans.

Yes, you too can make that $1500 Pottery Barn table you’ve had your eye on for less than $100. Yum!

The best bit is seeing the things people make with her plans, often with no prior woody experience. It really gives you confidence. Yes! I can do that too. Actually, the real best bit is realising you don’t have to settle for cheap plywood boxes when that’s all your cash flow will allow.

With the workshop built but workbench funds (ha, and clothing funds, food funds…) at an all-time low, Knock-off Wood is going to be an invaluable resource over the next few months – I’ve even bought a circular saw (the big whirring blade looks slightly scary, even though I have a certificate to prove I can use one!) Is it weird to be more excited because it has a laser?



  1. Hi there, I am SO giggling right now because that is my kitchen and my island up there. I found you because my blog shows a link to here, and I was curious. It's really funny, and kind of cool to find your kitchen on someone's site when you have never met them. Knock-Off-Wood is the best, isn't it? I love that site, and I am glad to have found your's too. You make wonderful, beautiful things. I can not knit, nor can I sew - but my mom is a complete whiz at such things, (she used to make all of our clothes and she was a professional seamstress).
    Take care Beccy, Michaela

  2. Isn't Knock-Off Wood the best? I'm in love with it!