Thursday, 25 February 2010

I need sewing help!

Right chaps, I’m in need of suggestions. I bought this calf length skirt for a couple of pounds from a charity shop the other day, mostly because the fabric is awesomesauce, but when I tried it on it sits so low on my hips it’s obscene. It’s also bias cut, grr.


But those aren’t the main problems, I mean, it’s easy peasy to take in a skirt. The thing I really hate is the fact that the boats are upside down and at a stupid angle! What idiot (BHS if you’re interested) would use this fabric on this skirt in this way? If the boats were even the right way up I could live with the angle.


So, my question is, what would you do with it? How would you fix it’s many problems? Would you even try? I really love the fabric so I’m reluctant to relegate it to the ‘what the hell do I do with this?’ pile but that bias leaves me with so little fabric to play with, and I’d love something wearable from it. Please help! I know you crafty folks will come up with some good ideas :)


While I was out, I also found a boxfull of wooden cotton reels. I love wooden cotton reels. They were 35p each so I grabbed and ran for the till, dropping half of them on the way (with a little charity shop lady following behind, scooping them up and re-wrapping the thread). They’ll go with the others I have, strictly for decoration purposes you understand, I couldn’t bring myself to use them!



  1. With so little fabric to work with, I would add it as embellishment to an existing garment -- a collar, bias binding, maybe a wide band on the bottom of a skirt. It would be cute against white.

  2. I thought maybe you could cut several diagonal wavy strips across skirt to 'capture' the lovely little boats then sew them as a border on a nautical coloured skirt ie navy,sea blue or red.Hope this makes sense.

  3. I would try a wonderful scarf for your hair for a trip to the beach one afternoon.

  4. Lawks, you guys are the speediest commenters ever! Thanks for the help :)

  5. This fabric is so lovely, so glad you rescued it. I would turn it around or sideways so the boats are right side up or sailing downhill and use it to make a tunic top. Where it might not be big enough I would fill in with navy or red fabric, or even the waistband. It would look cute with military/navy buttons on it.

  6. (1) Start by opening up all the seams, turn the fabric the "right" direction you prefer, and mark some graph paper (to scale) with the measurements of your opened up garment. This will help you immediately assess what you have on hand.

    (2) Several of your other refashions seem to be sleeveless or halter top. You may have luck using this for the primary or accent cloth for a halter top, or the halter top for a dress.

    (3) You've made several bags and purses and needle organizers. Maybe a well-loved clutch or bag or lining or organizer would be best for this fabric.

  7. Use it right way up to create a sleeveless 'shirt/top/something' to wear over a plain Tee. Or cut out chunks and use as applique. or cut it into squares and alternate it with other coloured squares to make a seaside throw.or just use a wide strip to edge a plain skirt and matching top.
    goodluck and let us know WHAT the skirt ending up as.... ;-))

  8. maybe you can get a plain singlet in blue and make scarf sleaves on it with the boat fabric- cut a square in half so you have 2 triangles and sew onto straps. they will look all floaty like the sea...........depending on how heavy the fabric is. oohh and coffee dress ruffles down the front???? maybe too much!! so many options!!! GOOD LUCK! love your thrifty finds too.

    That is such a hilarious skirt!! What sort of a MORON would make a skirt with the boats sailing up hill and upside down.

    I'd buy some navy fabric (I'd buy navy gingham but if you're less adventurous then plain navy would work) and make some other garment and use the boats as panels/collar/those flap things that go over pockets or whatever. That would look awesome. The boats are cute cute cute!

  10. Take a look at this burda style pattern:

    Use this fabric with some solid, coordinating color.

  11. I would personally refashion it to a tunic using this tutorial.

    It's much bigger than a pillowcase so you should have lots of material. Failing that you could turn the skirt upside down cut off the waist band and try and make it a tulip skirt?

    It's lush! I'm jealous you found it not me!

  12. Thanks so much for taking the trouble to reply guys - and sending me links! *click* So many great suggestions, I'm going to have trouble deciding which to make :D

  13. P.s. I'm with you Lily - moron is right! :)

  14. Crazy indeed. I have a skirt that is black and white with a town scene on it and all the houses are pointing down. I have commented to others on this before. It bothers me too, but I love the skirt so I will have to live with it.