Thursday, 18 February 2010

Workshop update…


Because it’s half term (and the drugs have kicked in) the workshop is coming along. The weeks of snow, rain and freezing temperatures have stopped us getting out there and getting it finished but it’s a little warmer now so the outside has been painted and the inside is getting an undercoat.


It’s hard work, but it’s going on fairly fast. The undercoat is just some bog standard emulsion watered down. I expected it to go on very badly because new plaster is like a sponge but all that means is that it dries very quickly and I can put another coat on within minutes. I’ve painted two and a half walls and should get the others done tomorrow morning.


As usual, Molly isn’t too far away. I think she thinks we’re her babies and she needs to keep an eye on us – if only she had opposable thumbs, then she might be able to help.



  1. Looks like things are coming right along!My hubby is repurposing a room for me, the workshop will have to come later, but I'm thankful for anything.

  2. The natural light you get in there looks amazing :) My sewing room has just been redecorated too :)

    Love vanilla