Thursday, 11 February 2010

A little puffy crochet beret…

Because I’m in between WIPs right now, I decided to make another hat. This is Creativeyarn’s Puff stitch beret (here on Ravelry) and although mine isn’t as neat as hers, I love it all the same. I wish it were a warmer colour but it’s just a random ball of stash baby DK I’ve had kicking around since I was about 12.
Lots of people said the pattern was hard but I found it easy and quick for such a slow stitch. I also made it up a bit, stopping the rounds when I thought it was big enough and adding a wider band to make it snug.
IMG_8345 IMG_8344
I’m not sure about the bow, I like that it looks a wee bit vintage though.
If any of you are also on Ravelry, pop by my page and say hello!


  1. Oh I like! and agree about the vintage and a bit whimsey I guess.

  2. Hi, I like the beret, I'm very fond of a hat myself, although they don't always do the hair much good. How did they manage when hat wearing was de rigeur!
    I'v had a little nose around your rav page and I like your other projects too!!

  3. It's really cute, wish i could knit :)

    Love vanilla