Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Today’s vintage finds…

I mentioned yesterday that I was at the doctors this morning? Well it all went fine (does it hurt when I do this? Ye-aahhhhrrrrgh!) and it turns out I have tendonitis in my shoulder. The doc gave me some heavy duty anti-inflammatory drugs and now I have full movement pain free, but I can’t do any heavy lifting for a few weeks and it will take even longer to heal :(

The great thing is that my doctor is just down the road from one of the best charity shops in the world. Ok, so today I failed to find the holy grail or that map to Atlantis, but I did find this to cheer me up:


An Alfred Meakin carver for £2. I love orange and black on plates! It’s going on the wall though, I’d hate to use it and it accidentally get broken.

I also found this scarf – I’ve decided I don’t have enough scarves and since charity shops seem to be bursting at the seams with them, I’m keeping my eye out for good ones.


This one has orangey yellow poppies printed on it and it will go great with loads of outfits.


I also got this top for summer (as if I need more clothes!) The buttons are cute and it’ll be great to sling on over jeans. Don’t you love tops with yokes? Ok, so I could make this in about 5 minutes (alright, ten plus an hour) but this way I have the idea sitting in my wardrobe. I think I’ll copy the idea in other colours, using old plain t-shirts or vests as the base and my fancy scraps for the yoke.

IMG_8370 IMG_8369

So, a few finds for a chilly doctor-day and I’m muchly cheered up!


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