Saturday, 6 March 2010

An errand and a maypole…

I had to run an errand today that involved driving miles and miles. When that happens we like to plot a route that takes in a few charity shops or Interesting Things. It’s been a gloomy day but we decided to take a slight detour to visit Isurium Brigantium, an unearthed Roman town complete with mosaic floors. Sounded interesting, but when we got there we found out it doesn’t open until April. Bums.


The relatively modern village around the site was really pretty though – complete with maypole and red phone boxes. I could easily live there, all we could hear was birdsong.

IMG_8497IMG_8502stable door

And an 18th century church, is it too morbid to like gravestones?

IMG_8503 IMG_85102 IMG_8507IMG_8506

We hit a couple of charity shops in a neighbouring town but on the way back from our errand we saw some signs advertising a jumble sale in aid of a local school, we had planned to go charity shopping in Ripon but I love jumble sales! Especially proper ones where everything really is jumbled together on trestle tables.

I’ll leave you with a sneaky finds peek for now, because I have a lot of sorting to do and photos to take. Honestly, pretty much everything was 20p but we got there pretty late and had to just grab whatever looked decent – we definitely got a few gems though!


I’ll post tomorrow with the best of the finds!


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  1. How awesome was that? Sounds like the travel turned out well after all. I've never heard of a jumble sale here. You'll have to let some of us know how it works. Thanks for sharing with us!