Sunday, 7 March 2010

Some jumbly goodness…

…and a description for Barbara!

Jumble sales are an awesome but slightly scary experience. Legend tells of unsuspecting people being elbowed aside by grannies determined to get to the good stuff before you - I’m so glad we aren’t allowed to carry guns.

Basically, trestle tables are set up in the local church or school hall and then mountains of clothing and bric-a-brac are shovelled in and separated into men’s, women’s, kids, toys, books and Stuff. None of it is folded or organised beyond that, and then the hordes are let in and you have to dig for victory. Oh, and it’s for a charity, this one was for the local school. We got there at 2pm, about an hour in, which is very late for a jumble sale but good for getting the cheap deals from the tired ladies who don’t want to take it all home again. It was guerrilla raid stuff, I wish I’d taken some photos!

I hit the fabric first but it was slim pickings, I got this fabby double duvet cover which I’ll cut for the fabric and an embroidered tray cloth.IMG_8538IMG_8542

I got three of these, they might form the basis of a skirt?


Isn’t this apron gorgeous? I might unpick the ‘Portugal’, but those two ovals are pockets.


This pink flowery pillowcase will also be cut for fabric.


I paid £1.80 for all of these, bargain :) The clothes were a bit better though, the lady said everything was 20p. 20p!!!! I could have brought everything home, my discerning eye was closed and I got a jumble sale high. Here are a few of the things I bought.

This skirt isn’t as short as it looks, it’s quite wide. I needs taking in and it has a button missing so I’ll take them off and replace them from stash. I might add some ric rac too!


This dressing gown will probably stay as is, or I might cut it for a dress. I really like the bordered hem.


I love this top, it definitely will stay as-is.


This shirt is a UK size 8 – too small for me but those buttons are mother of pearl and I might rip out and reuse the lace inserts. 20p well spent!


This jumper is going to become a cardigan – I’ll be slitting it up the middle, changing that collar and shortening the hem and sleeves. I might have to take it in too, I haven’t tried it on yet.


And finally, a boring lacy-type black shirt that needs some colour.


So, all that for £1.20 – even if it all ends up as dusters (and it won’t) I couldn’t buy the mother of pearl buttons for that new. So all in all, a good and random thrifty day.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the furniture where my jumble sale high was so great it made driving difficult…



  1. The apron is amazing! I'd be tempted to cut at it and use as a wall hanging

  2. Everything you got away with is fantastic! Now I understand what you were talking about. We have yard sales, thrift sales, garage sales, and flea market sales, but I had never heard of a jumble sale. There is a "HUGE" sale of vendors that cover acres of ground every month on the first Saturday of the month I believe in Canton, Texas. Thanks for sharing the info with me and the rest of your followers!