Monday, 15 March 2010

Lovely new [old] patterns and some thrifty fabric…

I’d love to be able to say I got all these for 50p and a smile like last time but these were from Ebay so a little more pricey!


I showed my gran the 50’s one above right and she said ‘Oh, I used to have an outfit like that!” I wish she’d kept all her old clothes, but then she had a tiny, tiny waist - I seem to remember her saying 21”. I may have had a 21” waist when I was 12, but not now…


I’ve been after a 40’s pattern in this style for ages, but they always seem to go to at least £15 on Ebay. Not this one though, it might be because the seller didn’t say 40’s in the listing, just ‘vintage’, so the hunters missed it and I got it for £2. And it’s more my size than the 32” bust patterns I usually see.

I think I’ve been overly influenced by Mena from The Sew Weekly. I love her clothes, hair, everything. Not in a stalkerish way, you understand, I just like her style :)


And finally, a bit of the good 70’s. I LOVE that jacket, and the dress is cool too, just the sort of thing I wear for work over jeans. I can’t rock a miniskirt on it’s own, my legs will not comply.

IMG_8609 IMG_8617

And finally some fabricy goodness. Above left is a double knit poly, just enough for a 60’s dress – I have a bit of red double poly left over from shortening a proper 60’s dress so I might give it red collar, cuffs and belt. Above right is a cotton single sheet and that’s a lot of yardage for something!


Above left is a piece of linen-look cotton, just enough for a shirt or the top right tunic. Above right is a big square tablecloth that I’d love to make into a dress like this one:


By adapting the top-left pattern, changing the neckline a bit and adding the double-breasted buttoned front, I might just pull it off. I’m also keeping my eye out for some white embroidered cotton for this dress. Assuming the embroidery is nylon thread, I should be able to dye the cotton green but keep the stitching white. I could add a bit of black embroidery with those snazzy (and never used) stitches on my machine.

IMG_8613 IMG_8611

And finally my last two finds. The fabric on the left isn’t 40’s, but it looks it right? It’s a bit like a poly crepe so it drapes nicely but might be an arse to sew. The one on the right is definitely 70’s and might make another dress (the one in the pattern with the fantastic jacket?) or a skirt.

Right, I think I’d better stop buying and actually find the time to make some of these awesome outfits! Even if the planning stage is the most exciting :)


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  1. Love the new patterns. I have a question. How do you work out what date/era they are from? Is it just guess work from the style. I bought a load of vintage patterns on ebay a while ago and can't find a date on them anywhere.