Monday, 8 March 2010

The jumble sale high that nearly killed me…

Ok, so I’m being a bit melodramatic but haven’t you ever found the perfect charity shop where everything is a gem? A barn sale where the prices are so ludicrously low you think you must be on Candid Camera? (both references for you US folks, our barns are full of hay and I’ve never seen Candid Camera)

Well, this jumble sale was like that. First we spotted this solid wood, carved, white painted standard lamp.


I’ve been after one for ages and on Ebay they all seem to cost £40 upwards. We casually asked how much it was and the lady said £2. £2!!! “Would that be OK?” asked the lady, “Not too much?” Nope, that’s fine – I think my hand was shaking as I handed over my annoyingly Euro-looking £2 coin.

We also saw these two stools:


How much? “£1 each?” says the lady, and off goes another £2 coin. At this point I started to get worried about the size of the car – it is a Grand Modus, but really it ain’t that big. (It is however, that filthy – look at it!) We had also been food shopping so the boot wasn’t exactly empty to start with.

But the thing is, I had seen a 50’s formica-topped kitchen table. And the price? You guessed it, £2 – I think these ladies had decided that if they put a £2 price tag on anything we would buy it. (To be honest, they weren’t far wrong)

All I had to do was create enough space in the car for it. And I did.

IMG_8522 IMG_8523IMG_8527

That mark on the top is just tape, this table is pristine. I also got a Mona Lisa print for 50p to hang in the workshop bathroom – I know it should be a portrait of the Queen, but they didn’t have one of those.


So with our goods safely stashed in the car we went home with the feeling we’d just robbed a bank. A good day was had by all!



  1. Wow. Those were some serious bargains!

  2. Beccy, if I were you I would have thought I was robbing a bank! What fantastic buys you found. I've been to one or two like that. LOL

  3. Wow, did you score at that sale! Love that lamp!

  4. You seriously hit the jackpot...

  5. Ooooh... this sort of find just never happens where I live! I've come away with some scores, but never anything like that. Nicely done!

  6. Don't you just love those kind of shops?! I actually got myself a beautiful vintage pearl necklace yesterday. Probably not real pearls, but they were quite heavy and good quality. I got it for about £1 as they were in the same bowl as those plastic ones you get at carnevals. Now I just need to clean and re-thread them and I'm the hippest (and richest) chic chick around :)

  7. Wow, where is this shop? I think I must go!