Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I got a shiny new (old) toy!

What’s in the battered brown box?


A lovely, lovely 60’s Jones sewing machine!


Isn’t it pretty? I saw it in a charity shop and it was way above my flinch point (£35, more money than I had on me and the shop didn’t take cards, luckily I was with family who were willing to scour their pockets!) I haven’t had a chance to play with it properly yet, but really at the moment I’m happy just looking at it. Is that weird?


It came with the manual and loads of feet and attachments that I don’t have on my newer machine.

Including this:


I’ve googled til it hurts but I can’t find a foot that looks like this anywhere on the web so I’m turning to you guys – any ideas? Why does it have that little loop on the front? What is it for?!


Our fashion department thought it might be a freehand buttonhole foot but they weren’t sure. It’s a Singer foot if that helps?

It’s a mystery to me!



  1. I love the heavy duty nature of the old metal sewing machines. Looks like you got a real beauty!

  2. Don't know for sure what that foot is, but my guess would be a foot to guide a thread to stitch over for piping??