Thursday, 3 January 2013

Little knitted bows


Last night I got bored with the jumper I’m knitting so I grabbed some 4ply scraps (I knew there was a reason I keep those oddments!) and made a couple of little bows. They are about 1 1/2 inches, so they really are little.

You probably don’t need a pattern (and this isn’t much of a pattern) but here’s how I made them.

Using 4ply, cast 8 stitches onto 2 1/4mm needles.

1: knit

2: purl

repeat 22 times

cast off leaving a long tail and knit another one, if you like.


The strips will curl but that’s good.

Sew them together at the ends so you have two little rings.


Make sure the rings are purl side out and wrap the tail around the middle of the strip and secure with a knot. You can now sew your little bows to anything – I made little hair clips but I thought dress clips in a spangly yarn might be cute. Or shoe clips, or sewn on a scarf, hat, little girl’s something?


You could crochet around the edge before you finish them for a bit of contrast. Using thicker wool and a lace pattern would be pretty awesome and would make bigger bows. If you go bigger it might be worth knitting a tiny strip to go around the middle though.

The world is your bow-shaped oyster!

Just one question – is 32 too old for teensy bow hairclips?



  1. You are as young as you feel :-)

  2. Hi there from the bottom of the planet,

    I just stumbled across your site while trawling for upcycling ideas. You are a mine of information, plus anyone who rescues hens is good in my book. It is a shame we don't live closer as I am being forced to downsize my knitting magazine colllection, but New Zealand is a bit far away from you.

    Keep those wonderful ideas flowing. And why do op shops sort by colour? I can see colour at a glance, size would be more useful.

    Warm Regards from another jumble sale scrambler,
    Kay Bruce

  3. Oh I forgot, the bows are cute, I hope you don't mind if I steal your pattern. I make baby hats for charity and if I see another pompom I will shoot something. The bows would be a nice change.

    I had to publish as Anonymous as my computer is playing havoc.

    Best Wishes,
    Kay Bruce