Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A flower, a chicken and a deformed goat…

Today I finally had a few minutes free to play with my shiny Christmas present!


Heee! It’s a springy little embroidery/darning foot. I haven’t had chance to really play yet (especially since it took ages to get the tension right), but this is what I’ve done so far.


A flower, a chicken and a deformed goat. I’m secretly very pleased with the flower! Ok, not so secretly but it’s my first go and regardless of the results it’s pretty fun to do. It looks nothing like hand embroidery (although I’ve seen some amazing stuff online where people really know what they’re doing and you can’t tell the difference) but I love how much it looks like a line drawing.

I have plans to use some with my ceramics, perhaps some sewn writing? I haven’t worked it out yet but I think it’s about time I mixed up my ceramics with the textiley things I like to do, rather than keeping them separate. I need a lot of practice but I like how it’s going!


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