Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Anyone who knows me will tell you I get ridiculously excited about snow. Even the prospect of snow makes me bang my palms together like a giddy toddler at a circus.

Well, we’ve been very spoilt the last two years with about a foot of snow from November until January. This year though has been a bit of a white Christmas washout.

Until today!


Woo! Ok, so there wasn’t much and it kept melting between showers. But we had enough for a snowman…


…albeit a Raymond-Briggs-end-of-The-Snowman snowman.

Even Billy came out for a brisk walk (we didn’t dump him in the snow because we thought it would be cute, honest)


He didn’t stay out long though!


All this will melt but more is due at the end of the week. Did I mention I love snow? Because I really love snow.


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