Sunday, 24 January 2010

When frogging goes wrong…

This is a cautionary tale if ever there was one. I bought this Jane Norman jumper last week with a view to ripping it apart for the wool. It is 40% angora, 30% lambswool and 30% nylon. What’s that you cry? Don’t try and frog angora you fool? Yeah. Well I knew that but since it’s a UK size 10 (US 6), and I’m not, I thought I’d have a go. And anyway, I’m a frogging genius – no yarn blend has me intimidated!


I took it apart at the seams – which took the best part of Jaws 2 – and started frogging. It was going ok until I yanked a knot and the yarn broke. I fixed it, cursing my heavy-handedness, but a few yards later it broke again, and then again, and again.

Bah! Arrogance makes fools of us all :)

I managed to unravel the cowl part fine (only 19% angora, 15% lambswool, 14% nylon and 52% acrylic) so I have a ball big enough for a one-skein-wonder, but the rest is going in the next boil wash I do for felting. I’m sure I can get something out of it!

By the way, the colour in the photo is pretty accurate. It’s very zingy!


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  1. Now I really love that color! And since I've been crocheting for a year and I'm a real newbie at salvaging yarn from sweaters etc. it's great to find out about Angora. Sorry it was at your expense.