Monday, 11 January 2010

Thrifty finds for a snow day

chooks in snow

Well, it’s been snowy again – we’ve had to dig the chooks out each morning but that’s as far as we’ve been, no getting out and about for us! So here are a few thrifty finds I didn’t get around to posting before Christmas.


This is my new knitting bag. No, I didn’t make it, I snagged it for £1 from a charity shop. It’s big enough to hold a jumper’s worth of wool, but small enough to cart around. It’s currently holding this:


It’s Allergic to Wool’s November sweater. Easy enough to not have to think too much while knitting, but interesting enough to avoid second-sock syndrome. Click the linky above or find it here on Ravelry.

IMG_8088 IMG_8089

I also found this old wallet embossed with ‘handkerchiefs and gloves’ – Somewhere (the same somewhere I put everything I want to keep safe) I have a beautiful tiny pair of kid leather embroidered ladies gloves to put in it. No hankies though.


This book cost 10p from the sally Army! So did this one:


While I’m in no way a busy dressmaker (even if I’d like to be), I love a good shortcut! It’s a bit like ‘Yeah! I made it myself’ for the 70’s, and along with hints and tips for speedy dressmaking, it has patterns like this one:


Haha! Gotta make me a hooded snuggler! I got this amazing embroidery book too:


It’s got these great psychedelic illustrations in it and soft-focus photos of ladies looking pale and interesting in embroidered smocks. Fabulous! 

Although the price on the corner of this knitting album says £6, I think I only paid £4.50. It’s over my flinch point, but there must be 50 or 60 patterns in it,


Quite a few of which look like this lovely painted lady:


and like this smug-looking lady:


Score, I think! You know I love those vintage patterns, I want to share them all with you, but I suspect you might not all be a nutty as me :)

So that’s a few things for now, I have a few more to show you tomorrow and (hopefully) it’ll be a sewing day too.



  1. Ohhh that embroidery book looks right up my alley. I never find anything like that here in Ohio :(

  2. Love all your thrifty finds! But then I love everything old/vintage? like that. You really scored bigtime with what you got.

  3. I can't resist those vintage needlework magazines either. They are a weird combo of inspiring and horrifying.