Tuesday, 26 January 2010

An easy skirt refashion….

Yes it’s another granny skirt, I just can’t get enough of them at the moment, and since charity shops are full of them I’m happy as Larry!
I’d already slit the pleats higher on this calf-length skirt before I took the first photo, they started much lower down, somewhere near my knees – why can’t I ever remember to take a before pic? All I did then was hack off about 6” (enough to make a scarf or something?) and re-hem it. It’s fully lined, so I did the same there too.
At this point I decided it was better, but not finished – it needed something else… buttons! White, plastic and 80’s never looked so cute.
IMG_8249 IMG_8250
And a little pocket, a girls gotta have somewhere to keep her lipbalm!


  1. Like your refashion!

    How did you go about constructing the pockets?

  2. Honestly, Beccy
    it's the simplest touches that make the biggest difference and this skirt is -soo- cute now, I can't even take it. It hurts my eyes I'm in love with it so much.

    Can you explain what you mean by "slitting the pleats higher" (?) because I'd love to try that with a Thrift Mecca I know has these in stock! Now if I can only hem properly...Thanks for being an inspiration!


  3. Lovely! The buttons make a great look to the skirt. How did you rehem it? I have some pleated skirts like this which are too long but didnt know how rehemming them would work with the pleats, because when you take the hem up the pleats are then the wrong way on the inside.

  4. Hullo!
    That's a lovely print there and it's been turned into a very nice skirt too.

  5. I want to go out RIGHT NOW and find a stack of granny skirts! This is fabulous!!!

    I blogged your project over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


  6. Awesome! Best thing about redoing vintage stuff (besides how cheap the pieces can be) is the natural fibers--you can't find 100% wool at JoAnn's very easily!

  7. My goodness you are clever! I really want to learn to sew. I had a go at using a sewing machine on a course run bt Nicki Trench last summer and got to bug, but haven't had time to even go as far as buying a sewing machine. What you are doing could give me the nudge to get on with it. Respect! I shall keep looking at your blog, it's inspiring!