Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Something from the Cath Kidston book…

Ok, so this is the bag that comes with the book. You get the pieces ready cut and all you have to do is sew them together, but it’s still sewing. Right?
I don’t like unlined bags, and the pattern came with no lining, so I hacked the legs off a pair of lovely pj’s I never wear (I move about a lot in bed and hate getting tangled up in long pyjama trousers) and made a lining. I hemmed the pj’s into shorts and killed birds with stones :) Because I didn’t use the provided facings, I have two strips of CK fabric left just big enough to make bracelets. Or something.
I like the buttonholes so you can adjust the length of the strap (part of me wants to take them all the way round) but I think it’s a wee bit wide for the size of the bag. If I make it again I’ll make them slimmer.
So that’s some sewing from me, now I’m off to knit some more November sweater…


  1. Way to go and yes it is sewing! Great idea on the PJ's, I too hate the long legginess of PJ legs. (Might have something to do with my height also lol)