Thursday, 29 October 2009

To cheer myself up, I’m making something for me!

Hello chaps, things haven’t been too rosy lately and since the clocks changed it’s been gloomier than ever – not a mood conducive to creativity to be sure.

Despite that, I’ve decided to start a new project - something cheery, time consuming, and (probably most importantly) that will use up my mountainous stash. No, more importantly, that will cheer me up!

What’s that you say? How about a quilt? Yesiree! A few days ago I came across this tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew (serendipity?) on how to make double hourglass blocks the easy way. I love her quilt and decided to use up my blue and red scraps to make it.


After a few hours, I had cut about a million 2” strips, sewn them together and made a template to cut them into this:


I still have a lot of cutting to do, at the moment I have enough triangles cut to make a very tiny cot quilt.

The pattern should look like this:


But I’m thinking of making it more like this:


What do you think?

I also went charity shopping this morning so I have a few vintage finds to show you too (If I get a nice day to photograph them)