Sunday, 18 October 2009

Those building types don’t hang around…


We have a roof! Well, we have joists, but when I left for work on Friday morning we had four 6ft walls only and when I came back it looked like this. I’m in awe of the building blokes, they work so quickly. Honestly, if you live in the York area, I highly recommend Cooper and Westgate for all your building needs, and Oaktree architectural if you need a super architect. They have both pulled out all the stops to make it perfect and easy for us – they both really care, and that makes a huge difference. By the way, this camera has skewed the dimensions a bit, the building looks monstrously huge in this pic, but it’s only just bigger than a double garage – bah perspective.


Can we leave it like this? It’s so pretty! The roof tiles can’t be reclaimed, so they’ll look orangey and new for a few years but when they weather it will look like a much older building than it really is. The joists will also be boxed in to house masses of insulation so hopefully we won’t have to heat the building too much, but it’s a shame to hide all that wood. There will be three velux windows on the sunny side too to bring in the lovely sunshiny warmth.


The back door is going to be 50’s style and everything that can be wood, will be wood. We’re not huge fans of yukky upvc. Yuck. Shudder. Don’t you just love that corbel detail? It’s the same as the main house – there’s nothing better than faux authenticity!

The photo on the right is taken at head height through the French doors, you can see the floor is very high – you can see the roof of my greenhouse on the left there. That’s because the garden slopes down several feet, but the floor of the workshop can only be 15cm lower than the floor of the house. The drop to ground level from the French doors is at least two feet! Crazy - but we get a good view, and I like steps.


Manny’s a good boy, always looks when you call, but he loves clambering around the scaffolding without a hint of hard hat or a whisper of florescent vest.


Molleee….mooooollleeee. MOLLY! Sod you then. Bet if I had some mayonnaise you’d look at me.

Over the next couple of days I’ll hopefully unearth my sewing machine (from under a pile of ‘projects’) and start sewing again. Those Christmas presents won’t make themselves! I’ll only be able to post a few of them here though – some of the recipients read this blog, and I’d hate to spoil the Christmas morning surprise!


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