Monday, 12 October 2009

I finally knitted something…

Ok, so you know I mentioned the mountain of wool gathering bunnies under my bed? Well, I dusted some off, dug out Wenlan Chia and brandished my new circulars in a menacing way.
Well. Sort of. I um’d and ah’d a bit about what to knit, I have loads of beautiful knitting books, but in the end I needed something with speedy-satisfaction-happiness potential and only Big City Knits’ Balthazar vest would do!
I’m not one for using the recommended yarn, so rather than using Twinkle, I used Sirdar Bigga instead (I’m poor!). I had to use smaller needles and knit the biggest size in the book but it fits fine and it’s very warm.
It only took one day and and evening to knit, sew and block and the colour is more like the top picture, kinda mossy. I like the little details like these k2tog, yarn over moments and the short-row shaping in the sleeves. If you had time for boredom, those little details would stop it.
In the end, I got my speedy-satisfaction-happiness and a snuggly jumper, but I might add something to it – a bit of applique or some patch pockets? I dunno, maybe I’ve been spending too much time flicking through the pages of Knitknit and Knitprovisation, both books I highly recommend for alternative knitty thinking.


  1. Gahh I LOVE that! How cute it would look over a long-sleeved turtleneck.! And one of florabond's statement pieces, yum!

  2. Your funny commentary on this project made me smile! The vest is very nice. I really like that color.

  3. Wow, it's beautiful! Ok, you are inspiring me now.. :)

  4. Thanks chaps :) I'm getting back my making mojo!

  5. I really like this vest. Could you link to the pattern or book? It looks like it might be in my skill/time frame level :-)

  6. Hello Domestic Intellectual! The book in question is Twinkle's Big City Knits: It's a great book full of eye candy, and don't be fooled by the sizes - they have small measurements, but if you're a medium, knit a medium because they are big and stretchy :)

  7. I've added a link into the post as well so you only have to clicky, instead of cutting and pasting all that gibberish!