Sunday, 11 October 2009

More of this week’s thrift-shop treasures…


I’ve been a bit dress mad recently – it seems lots of people are getting rid of summery things in favour of more wintry ones. Well, not me. I always find that summery clothes are much cheaper in charity shops in winter and vice versa. The dress above left was found in Thirsk and although it’s a bit big up top it’s not so big I fall out of it so I might leave it as is and wear it with a cardi. The one above right was 50p form the sale rail of Easingwold’s only charity shop – bargain, and it fits perfectly. I wasn’t too hot on the fabric (it’s a bit crepe-y and mumsy) until I put it on and it looks so much better than I thought it would. If it looked crap, I would have found some crafty use for it!


The dress above left was also 50p from the same Easingwold charity shop sale rail. (I bet you’ve seen this one, Ann, they’ve had it for ages!) I loved the fabric when I first saw it, but although it says it’s a medium (ha!) there is no way it would ever fit me unless I had my ribs removed. The bottom fits perfectly though – which is odd, because I’m small of chest and large of hip - so I’ll probably make it into a skirt and use the leftover bits for quilting or some such.

The shirt above right is lady-size, so there isn’t too much fabric to work with. The collar is worn through and it’s all a bit tatty but once again, I just couldn’t pass up that fabric. Maybe I have a thing for printed birds? And blue.


The fabric above is a huge square pillowcase – I always rummage through the pillowcase boxes just in case. Not sure what I’ll do with this, there is enough fabric to make a top or some shortie pyjimjam bottoms. I’m a sucker for stripes though.


And finally another circular tablecloth to make into a skirt. Mum brought this one home from her travels and it only cost £1. It’s nicer, and less blue, than it looks, but the weather was turning again and it was getting dark.

If I find the time to transform any of these things, I’ll let you know…


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