Sunday, 6 September 2009

Some nice things…

I’ve been travelling around a bit lately, so I’ve been spending a lot of time acquiring shiny things – but I haven’t had enough time to post about them!

Here are a few of my favourites…


I got these vintage spools from a charity shop, 6 for £1 – quite expensive since I bought every single one they had.


They are all on wooden spools and the majority are Sylko ‘silk substitute’ with a few Coats mixed in. They have great names like ‘leafbud’ and ‘napoleon blue’. I’d guess they are 50’s/60’s? They’ve all been used a bit, and some are a bit faded – but I’m not going to use them, just look at their shininess!


I got this blue and white enamelled chamber pot from a charity shop too. It’s a bit chipped in places but doesn’t it look great with pink geraniums in it?


I got these two old filing cabinets from work. It’s amazing what gets chucked out.


I love the brass nameplates! The cabinets themselves seem to be made out of dense cardboard covered with paper.


They are a bit tatty, but I like that. I was thinking about re-covering them, but I think I’ll leave them as-is. They’ll be so handy for keeping materials (like cotton reels) in one place!

Just a few things for now, but I’ll try to get more posted tomorrow,


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