Monday, 14 September 2009

It’s all go…

…and by that I mean that the workshop is finally being built. I think we chose the busiest builders in the city, which has to be a good sign, surely?

A week ago the garden looked like this:


Yesterday we cleared the last of the plants and the paving until it looked like this:


Sob! It was sad cutting down the shrubs and honeysuckle – the ivy took years to get that big, and it was just flowering. Don’t you just hate those garages? Mmmm, concrete married with the unmistakable charm of peeling paint and asbestos. The city planner objected to knocking them down because he said they had character! That took a lot of persuasion to get around, god bless Paul the architect!


9am this morning it looked like this (they don’t hang around, these builder types):




And 11am:


And now…


Lawks! Those chaps work fast, I’ll leave you with a little demolition video :)


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